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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
110030278115368013604869100*Liz PierceSt Anthonys2020/2021North West (B) - One Day Competition11 1Craigieburn
210030278115368013604864100*Liz PierceSt Anthonys2020/2021North West (B) - One Day Competition10 1Clifton Hill (2)
37711205951536801365252877Paul ScottSt Anthonys2020/2021JOHNSTONE SHIELD12 1Sunbury Kangaroos
46716538801536801360485367Eva LavandaSt Anthonys2020/2021North West (B) - One Day Competition8 1Holy Trinity (2)
5663027811536801360488766*Liz PierceSt Anthonys2020/2021North West (B) - One Day Competition14 1Westmeadows
6643027811536801360488364*Liz PierceSt Anthonys2020/2021North West (B) - One Day Competition13 1Melton Centrals
76319498591536801365372263William KouzoumisSt Anthonys2020/2021CLUB GRADE - South5 1Bacchus Marsh Blue
8585661701536801365374158John DoleSt Anthonys2020/2021CLUB GRADE - South9 1Sunbury
95311205951536801365251953Paul ScottSt Anthonys2020/2021JOHNSTONE SHIELD9 1Sunbury United
1052287501536801365251052*Warren HaffendenSt Anthonys2020/2021JOHNSTONE SHIELD7 1Rupertswood
11513027811536801360483751*Liz PierceSt Anthonys2020/2021North West (B) - One Day Competition5 1Keilor
12513027811536801360484751Liz PierceSt Anthonys2020/2021North West (B) - One Day Competition7 1Sydenham / Hillside
135016480891536801360485350*Jacqueline HaffendenSt Anthonys2020/2021North West (B) - One Day Competition8 1Holy Trinity (2)
145016538801536801360481150*Eva LavandaSt Anthonys2020/2021North West (B) - One Day Competition1 1Clifton Hill (2)
154819498591536801365371348*William KouzoumisSt Anthonys2020/2021CLUB GRADE - South2 1Sunbury
164811205951536801365249448Paul ScottSt Anthonys2020/2021JOHNSTONE SHIELD3 1Wallan
174717838811536801365285747Jaggiwan SinghSt Anthonys2020/2021DIVISION 24 1Wallan
18465661701536801365373246John DoleSt Anthonys2020/2021CLUB GRADE - South7 1Sunbury United
194611205951536801365248746*Paul ScottSt Anthonys2020/2021JOHNSTONE SHIELD1 1Gisborne
20453616681536801365250045Wayne TurnerSt Anthonys2020/2021JOHNSTONE SHIELD5 1Sunbury Kangaroos
21452054481536801365284645Joseph PrevitiSt Anthonys2020/2021DIVISION 22 1Melton South
22453148711536801365288145Gavin OlinowskiSt Anthonys2020/2021DIVISION 210 1Blackwood
23453616681536801365249145Wayne TurnerSt Anthonys2020/2021JOHNSTONE SHIELD2 1Sunbury United
24449027221536801365251544Ryan DobbieSt Anthonys2020/2021JOHNSTONE SHIELD8 1Gisborne
254321370461536801369020643*Nishaan singh SohiSt Anthonys Yellow2020/2021U13 Melton Friday11 1St Anthonys Green
264116857701536801365286741*Blair SoleSt Anthonys2020/2021DIVISION 27 1Sunbury United
27405711681536801365288140*Marc TurnerSt Anthonys2020/2021DIVISION 210 1Blackwood
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 40 and 100 runs.

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